John Goldberg, JD, MBA

Curriculum Vitae

John Goldberg JD, MBA

Mr. Goldberg is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Arizona (1981)

MBA from DePaul University, Chicago – emphasis in Forensic Accounting

Law Degree from Western State University

Licensed to practice before the IRS

Taught Accounting for two years at a Community College in LA County

Member of the NAA (National Association of Accountants)

American Society for Forensic Accounting

Mr. Goldberg started his career as an accountant with Price Waterhouse in Chicago, IL

Has testified in Court as an Expert Witness in Real Estate / Construction and Contract cases

For the past 20 years Mr. Goldberg has been a Partner of Ocean View Accounting (previously Goldberg & Associates) a Forensic Accounting Service Company located in Long Beach, California specializing in reconstructing and analyzing complex financial transactions.

Sebastian Rucci, JD

1995-2009   Law practice focuses on Estate and Gift Tax Court, Land Use issues.  Experience includes an extensive  record of successful Estate and Gift Tax litigation v IRS, Land Use Litigation and Appellate Briefs.  Highly successful record in obtaining land use approvals on complex, unusual and challenging real estate projects.  Achievements include successful RICO litigation and development of many complex residential subdivisions with wetlands and flood plains. 

Law licenses include: Supreme Court of California  (Bar        No. 178114) (Dec. 1, 1995); U.S. District Court, Central District        of California (Jan. 3, 1996); U.S. District Court, Eastern        District of Missouri (Nov. 7, 1997); Court of Appeals for the        Eighth Circuit (July 27, 1999); U.S. District Court, Northern        District of Ohio (Feb. 15, 2000); U.S. District Court, Western        District of Pennsylvania (March 30, 2000); Supreme Court of        the United States (Sep. 15, 2000); and Court of Appeals for        the Sixth Circuit (June 13, 2001); U.S. Tax Court (2006). 

Ohio Civil Engineering (E-58096) (April 18, 1994); Pennsylvania Civil Engineering (PE-48568-R) (Sep. 19, 1999); California Civil Engineering (License Number C 50433) (January 14, 1993); and California Real Estate Broker (1165939) (August 19, 1993). 

•            Western State University, College of Law, Irvine, CA. Juris Doctor, 1994
•            University of Missouri-Rolla, graduate courses in Civil Engineering, 1987-88
•            Washington University, St. Louis, graduate courses in Civil Engineering, 1985-87
•            Youngstown State University, Ohio, Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, 1984

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